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Globalization and & National Concerns

1. In what ways has near-instantaneous satellite communication affected the way that governments conduct their relations with one another? Does this Phenomenon better promote peace and security in the world? Is it possible for diplomatic communication to be too easy, too frequent?

2. Some observers argue that quick and easy international communications can help empower ordinary citizens in dealing with repressive governments in these countries. How might this happen?

3. Some people believe that speedy communications cause economic or political problems within countries to become contagious, spreading quickly to other countries. Would this be considered a problem? If so, can anything be done to prevent it?

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1.Governments and their leaders can now access information quickly and this helps in making decisions based on facts rather than rumors. In cases of disasters, the instantaneous communications can help get relief and aid started more quickly and with more access the workers can get out information about what is needed and where the greatest need is. The ability to access the leader of another country can certainly help to resolve difficult situations and being able to catch a crisis early enough can help keep the escalation in check. People can talk, find out the needs, formulate a plan quicker because they ...

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The solution provides a discussion of the 3 questions on the topic of globalization and national issues listed in the original problem (see above).