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    Reflections on Assessments

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    a. In regards to assessment, describe one positive personal experience.
    b. In regards to assessment, describe one negative personal experience.
    c. Based on your educational experiences, what is the purpose of assessment?
    d. Based on your educational experiences, what is the value of assessment?
    e. What is your opinion about the assessments administered in schools today?

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    APA requires double spaced text, and a title page. If your school or professor requests that you put special information on your title page that is not specifically APA, be sure to follow the professor's request, even if it is not strictly APA. APA uses one inch margins all around- set those on page setup. Since this assignment asks only for your own personal experiences and opinions, it should not be necessary to use outside references to support what you have to say, unless you would like to do so. If you do use resources, be sure to cite then in-text and on the References page using APA citation protocol. APA does use the standard paragraph indent.

    I suggest that you begin with an introductory paragraph, and then address each portion of the assignment using sub-headings, according to the APA headings list. At the end of your paper, I also suggest that you summarize what you have had to say regarding assessment using an extra concluding paragraph. I have included a sample beginning and concluding paragraph for you to see as examples of what yours might look like. This should help make your paper more professional-looking. Attached document has proper formatting.


    Impressions on Assessment

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    Impressions on Assessment

    Assessment is the process of proving what you know and can do. Assessment is an important part of life as people are often assessed daily in some capacity or another, either at school, at home or on the job. Since assessments, both formal and informal, are such a common part of a person's life, it is important to examine one's personal beliefs and attitudes regarding assessments. A positive attitude towards the process of being assessed can be a great personal asset, given the fact that assessments are such a common and unavoidable part of life.
    Positive Assessment Experience
    A positive assessment experience I had was the oral (by telephone) job interview I underwent as part of the process of application for the position of K-12 teacher of English Literature, Art and Music at my present school: Al Akhawayn School of Ifrane, in Morocco, ...

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    Discussion of assessments, positive, negative, various types, purposes, value. Opinions of the Expert, expressed on various types of assessments, their purposes and common uses to which the assessments are put. These suggested, example reflections are for comparison purposes as the student generates their own responses tot he questions asked int he assignment.