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    Organizational Security Policies

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    Q1. If an organization has various departments, such as HR, security, various department heads, and legal, what conflict may occur in relation to any investigation and the investigation's budget? Why?

    Q2. What impact does training of contracted security on an organization's culture, policies, and procedures have on an initial organizational budget? Why?

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    Please find these answers to your questions. Your questions are practical, so i shared with you the answers from my personal experience as an organizational manager for 14 years. I hope this helps.


    1. In a bureaucracy, organizations are divided into several units usually arranged in an hierarchy. Each unit has its Mission-Vision which as a rule, should jive with the organization's Mission-Vision. In the pursuit of its objectives, each organizational unit has its own organization of roles and corresponding tasks or functions as well as budget to finance all its unit activities. While these units are distinct from each other, they are performing in cooperation and support of each other. Organizational effectiveness and successes happen only when all its organizational components/resources, human and materials, are united in the pursuit of the overall organizational ...

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