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Other than hardware, what other considerations must an organization look at when setting their security policies?

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There are many considerations an organization must consider when setting their security policies; other than hardware the major consideration is software. "The key to successful security implementation is finding a reasonable balance between system protection and user autonomy and convenience. Security management consists of nurturing a security-conscious organizational culture, strong security policies, developing tangible procedures to support security, and managing the myriad of pieces that make up the system. The security manager ensures that employees are aware of their security roles, support security efforts, and are willing to tolerate the minor inconveniences that are part of system change and improvement. After all, if personnel circumvent security procedures (e.g., write down passwords, share accounts, and disable virus-checking software, etc), they put the entire system at risk. Therefore, security management must:

1. Communicate to employees that protecting the system is not only in the organization's interests, but also in the best interest of users.
2. Increase staff awareness of security issues.
3. Provide for ...

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This solution explores organizational security policies. Other than hardware, there are many considerations an organization may employ when setting security policies, and this text references ways to safeguard technology.

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