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    Assessment article-based, open-ended questions

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    Open-ended question related to the article's content. I need open ended questions based on the article that I have attached, Thanks!

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    Open-ended questions are questions that do not have a specific correct answer - they ask for ideas, thoughts or beliefs on a topic. Your assignment asks for you to come up with some open-ended questions based on your reading and understanding of this article. These should not be simple questions that could be answered in just a word or sentence, they should require thought and understanding of the topic to answer.

    Based on the article, here are some of the open-ended questions that occurred to me from which you can pick and choose. You can also, of course, add new questions that occur to you as you read these ...

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    From an article provided on the topic of assessment, with open-ended essay and/or discussion style questions derived from the article's content.