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Action Research methods

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Read the Hansen and Brody article entitled, "Solving Problems through Action Research." (see attached). Specifically pay attention to the various data collection methods. Also think about how other action researchers have collected data. Think about your instructional problem and your research question, my research question being ---how children change over time throughout their academic experiences and to what degree earlier developmental patterns and experiences can predict future growth and development in the child.

Propose and describe two to three specific assessment methods and/or instruments to further assess your instructional problem. You will critically reflect on your assessment and instrument choice(s) to justify why it fits your problem and explain how it will assess critical elements of your problem. Refer to the Brodie and Irving article to help you define categories for your critical reflection.

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When assessing very young children, especially those who are just learning to read, it is necessary to use assessment methods that are basically for the teacher. For example, survey question type assessments can help the teacher to determine what level of learning the child is on, so that if the lessons need to be adjusted, the necessary changes can be made. This type of assessment can be done by simply walking around the room during an activity where the children are completing a worksheet, or an art ...

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Discusses data collection methods in action research based on the article Solving Problems through Action Research. References included.

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Please provide assistance preparing a 4-5 page paper regarding program evaluation (case study #1) and action research (case study #2). Can you please help?

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