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Research Methods: Characteristics and Differences

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Research projects are conducted with various methodologies. Explain the following research methods:

- Qualitative
- Quantitative
- Mixed
- Action

The presentation should have the following 2 sections:

Part 1: Overview of the 4 methods

- Outline the key characteristics of each research method
- Explain the differences in the 4 methods as to: emphasis, focus, approach, orientation and perspective.
- 1 example of a research project in which one of the four research methods may be applied

Part 2 : How one would choose the research method to be used.

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Solution Summary

The solution provides a basic guideline to researchers in determining the appropriate research that may be used in a study intended. Alternative methods are provided, characterized, and compared to ensure that a researcher would be guided on the correct method on a particular inquiry. The discussions is substantiated by an example of a research provided and the appropriate research method to be utilized.

The solution is made in a PowerPoint presentation and is substantiated by comprehensive speaker notes.

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