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    Types of Research and Examples of Research Methodologies)

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    Overview of the Research Process (Including: Types of Research and Examples of Research Methodologies)

    for this course requires that you complete a matrix in which you align common characteristics of the research process to each research methodology identified (see below). You will also write a narrative essay to accompany this matrix, in which you describe the research characteristics and their applicability to each specific quantitative and qualitative research methodology.

    Experimental Research Correlational Study Survey Research Grounded Theory Ethnography Case Study Narrative Research Mixed Method Action Research

    In reference to mixed methods research, this approach is capable of allowing the researcher to utilize both qualitative and quantitative research methodology to cultivate a more accurate understanding of the phenomenon being analyzed by researchers. The objective is to provide a research study that is more reliable and more valid as a result of utilizing qualitative and quantitative research methods to collect data, analyze and evaluate data, and determine whether the hypothesis can be proven. By using this particular method, researchers can strengthen their ability to limit biases that are represented in all research studies, but with mixed methods, the researchers are able to effectively neutralize any biases that could occur when only using one form of research method.

    The use of ethnography is placated upon researchers conducting sustained case studies involving specific cultural groups that are observed within their natural environments for predetermined lengths of time, which are usually long periods that allow the researcher to intimately observe the cultural activities of the group. The objective is to understand the phenomenon by allowing the individuals being studied to effectively lead and guide the study while the researcher observes and interviews research subjects.

    Case studies are comprised of specific research ...

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    Overview of the Research Process (Including: Types of Research and Examples of Research Methodologies)