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    Accounting Research Methodology

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    Please explain to me the accounting research methodologies of deductive, inductive and pragmatic research methods. Give me some examples to reinforce these methods.

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    In a deductive style of accounting research, we generally start with a list of rules which are considered objectives. We start with concepts that are general and lead to the exact root of our research problem. We base the research on going from big resources to smaller resources that directly conquer the problem. If I wanted to research how certain tax laws affect companies with revenue over $500,000, I would start by creating my list of objectives for the research project. I would then start with resources that are large and broadly defined, like consulting GAAP, analyzing the Internal Revenue Code (IRC), and other such areas. I would then work towards narrowing it down to researching companies that use the certain tax code and make over $500,000. In other words, if I used this method, I wouldn't start by looking ...

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    This solution explains the accounting research methodologies of deductive, inductive, and pragmatic research. Examples and full discussions are provided. Includes 2 resources (one from Wikipedia).