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Commonly Used Text Structures in English Language Writing

Knowledge of text structure is known to assist students in reading and writing. Yet English learners may come from a culture which uses different text structures than are found in English. Briefly describe text structure elements found in English narratives or stories. Next, choose one element and discuss how you might teach it to students for use in both reading and writing.

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Although there are commonly used text structures in English narratives and stories, there is no "specific" list of text structures that writers could choose from. Different authors might use different text structures in their writing. However, the most commonly used text structures in English are as follows:

1. Chronological order (sequence/time order). In this structure, the writer organizes his/her writing from one particular point in time to another. For instance, if you are reading a story and find that the writer is placing emphasis on day and time or using transition words such as, first, next, finally, then this writer is using the chronological order text structure.
2. Cause and Effect: ...

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