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Stages of Language Acquisition

Describe the skills that students will demonstrate in the stages of language acquisition. i.e. listening and speaking, reading, and writing.

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According to the direct language acquisition known as Berlitz, "grammar is the foundation upon which language should be taught." Several aspects must be taken into consideration in the formation of second language such as transformational grammar, cognitive development and parallels, as well as characteristics of the L1 and L2 learner. Instruction in a student's native language can accelerate the second-language acquisition process and foster academic success.

It is crucial for educators to provide socioculturally supportive classrooms that encompass the school environment as a whole. This allows students to develop linguistically, academically, and cognitively. English-language learners face many challenges while trying to succeed in American schools. Those who maintain an ethnic identity are more likely to successfully acquire a second language. It is beneficial for a student to have L1 as a resource while learning L2. Students rely on L1 as a framework, or point of reference to develop L2.

The interlanguage ...

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This solution summarizes and explains the stages of language acquisition as well as describes the role of educators and students in the learning experience. References used are included.

This job summarizes ELL/ESL basics.