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Security officer Training

Below are specific training for security officers in Virginia:
-Legal issues
-Crisis management
-Emergency medical service in first aid and CPR
-Detaining criminals
-Alarm system operation
-Report writing
-Fire arms training, marksmanship and target training

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Q. Are there any additional training or certifications you would recommend for security officers in Virginia. Why?

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I would suggest that along with alarm operating systems a security guard should also know how to maintain and use the any type of video recording equipment that may be in their facility. Another suggestion that I would have is that a security guard should not only be able to protect themselves, but others around them. Any security guard that has ...

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Specific training for security officers in Virginia are determined. Legal issues, crisis management, emergency medical services in CPR, detaining criminals, alarm system operations, report writing and fire arm training are introduced. The addition training or certifications that are recommended are given.