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    Diversity and Management

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    Choose 5 classroom management strategies

    explain how each strategy is more appropriate for specific developmental levels and how each strategy encourages critical thinking in students. Use hypothetical examples to prove your points.

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    To approach responding to this problem, first search for your five strategies that you will analyze in your essay. I recommend searching the Internet, using any search engine that you prefer. I like Google, but you could use Yahoo, Dogpile, Alta Vista, or which ever you like. I would try the search phrase "classroom management strategies" first. Skim (read quickly for content) the returned hits, and be SURE to keep track of the site URL's (Universal Resource Locator addresses - you know, the http:// www. parts) for the references page citations in the paper you will eventually write. To avoid plagiarizing, take notes in your own words on the strategies that you find. If you want to quote a reference, take good location notes on the quote so you can precisely cite it in the paper.

    The instructions do not limit you to only one strategy per site, so you may even find all five strategies from one very good site, or you can get one strategy each from five different sites. Your choice. When you type in the search phrase, Google suggests for you in a drop-down menu additional sub-categories for this search, allowing you to refine your search for articles that might be more specific for your subject area or class you are taking. It offers strategies for pre-schoolers, elementary, middle high school and others. You choose.

    A word about sites: NEVER use Wikipedia, or cite from it. Many colleges and universities actively forbid its use. You can read it for your own information, and to suggest to you sites you might want to research from, but never cite from it. .gov and .edu sites are best, .org sites are next best, then .com. Be careful of .htm and .html sites - those are web pages where people can post anything they like, true of not. Sometimes they are good sources, sometimes not. Be careful.

    When I conducted this recommended search, this URL address I found is the one that I would choose to use. It is a powerpoint presentation, so the author has already summarized the points in their own words, which is helpful, and the presentation is very, very comprehensive and thorough. ...

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    Excellent web-based reference for classroom management (Powerpoint), with citations, and five strategies mentioned with OTA commentary on each delineating age appropriateness and critical thinking skills.