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Teaching Ethics to the Children

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Whose responsibility is it to teach ethics and morals to our children..
Is it the schools responsibility or the homes?
Please be specific and provide examples.

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Children need their parents from the day they were born and sometimes, even when they are already adults. They need them in different ways - physically, emotionally, spiritually, or mentally. Parents need to teach their children the right way to do things and to make them distinguish which decisions are good and which aren't. A child learns a lot while he or she is still young and even at the age of 2 or when he or she starts talking, he or she can begin learning the best lessons in life from his or her parents.
Although parents can have the most impact in terms of educating their children, when a child goes to school, it is a fact that he or she stays most of his or her waking hours at school. Most of the time, they listen to their teachers and regard them as role models. Sometimes, they remember many of the lessons from school and they show ...

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628 words; 2 references; an opinion on who should be responsible to teach ethics and morals to the children, the school?or the home?