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Correlation between Cheating and Dishonesty

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Is there any correlation between cheating in Graduate School and the increase in dishonesty in business?

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This solution discusses whether there is a correlation between cheating in Graduate School and the increase in dishonesty in business.

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I have read more than once that personal values are instilled in children by the time they are five years old. That means that a framework taught and practiced by parents is internalized as normal behavior in children. But then children test the limits of society beginning at home and extending to their entire environment. It's as much of a validity test of their parents' teachings as it is a test of acceptable constraints outside the home. Cheating such as shop lifting or destroying something of value is very common in adolescence, although not acceptable behavior in either environment.

Each individual must decide for him or herself the limits to which they would extend themselves. As children become adults, they undoubtedly understand the limits, but the testing of the limits seems to continue. It is at this point that rationales must be introduced to modify what was unacceptable behavior taught in the home to what the person is then willing to do.

Now, I have been assuming that good values were conveyed to young children, but of course, ...

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