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    Cheating with Technology & Academic Integrity

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    Why is academic integrity important to you? I need help outlining a paper about this topic also. I need to include information about cheating with technology.

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    Here are my thoughts -

    One of the important purposes of academia is to prepare students for their future jobs. If a student does not have integrity in their schoolwork, then they are not going to have integrity in their jobs. As a member of American society, I want to know that the businesses I use are run with high moral standards. I want to be able to rely on my fellow man to uphold right and wrong without my having to worry about whether or not he is trustworthy. Businesses are only as moral as their employees. Without academic integrity in both teachers and students alike, our society is headed down a dangerous spiral that affects each ...

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    The expert examines how important academic integrity is to them. How cheating is affected by technology is determined. Outline help for paper on academic integrity.