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Using Technology to Cheat

Please provide some solid research and notes regarding using technology to cheat in an academic enviornment. The goal of the paper I am writing and need help with the research is to talk about ethics in an academic enviornment. Therefore, the reasearch should support this premis. I am looking for solid sources that talk about the issue and then a brief summary from you why you think that it is helpful to the overall topic. Thank You!

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Hi - I found several links to solid research about using technology to cheat in an academic environment. The topic is very broad, so I tried to find a broad range of articles/papers that I hope will be of some help. You will have to cut and paste the links - I double checked them and they should all come up with no problem. I hope these are a help to you in completing your assignment. Thanks for choosing Brainmass!


This study was done by surveying students as to their ideas about what cheating consists of and more ...

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Solid sources of information are provided and summarized regarding using technology in academia today.