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    Help with paper on Internet Plagiarism

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    Help with Internet Plagiarism & Why Students Cheat are areas where I offer assistance, notes, and research ideas.

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    As you write your paper about why some students cheat, please allow my ideas and links to help. Once you write a draft, please send to us for editing and feedback:

    First, you need to develop a good hook, attention getter, or introduction to lure readers. You might create a story or add a research example about someone who cheated, why, and the consequences. You can also add statistics or a rhetorical question to articulate the relevance of your topic among students today.

    Next, you then want to create a solid thesis to guide your paper and its main points. For example, one idea is: "Many students choose plagiarism and cheating because of pure laziness, increasing exposure and availability of cheating resources and tools due to the Internet, increasing competition and pressures for good grades, decrease in ethics and morals within society, and other reasons."

    For the first subtopic, you might then talk about the prevalence of plagiarism and cheating among students due to laziness.
    You might also suggest that since students are becoming lazier, cheating increases. Research from Dr. Watkins, Syracuse University professor and author, states, "American college students are now being infected with Paris Hiltonitis. He claims that the disease consists of symptoms ...

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