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1. Why use the Wilcoxon T test. What is the hypothesis statements you used?
2. Consider do we prefer working with dependent samples or independent samples? Explain
3. We have the statement "The F-ratio provides the ability to determine the deviation between the population and the means and develop a method of accepting or rejecting a hypothesis." In fact we use the ANOVA which tests variances using the F ratio to determine if the mean values are equal. How can we use a test on variances to tell us about mean values?
4. Do information technology people get the respect they deserve? Ans: Yes.

Examine the question and what are your comments?
5. Consider "ANOVA is important because it gives a person a basis in which to infer if their null and alternative hypotheses are correct or not." This is true of all statistical testing. What is special about ANOVA?

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This solution discussed the Wilcoxon T test, samples, technology and ANOVA.

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1. Why use the Wilcoxon T test? What is the hypothesis statements you used?

The hypothesis statements I used are important. Below are the statements I would use.

H0- Students will cheat on tests whether or not a book is available.
H1- Students study habits are not good; therefore, one feels as if he or she has to cheat in order to succeed at their education.

One needs to use the Wilcoxon T Test for a number of reasons. For example, if a person needs to compare one group to a value that is considered hypothetical. The types of test one would use to examien this does include the Wilcoxon T Test, one sample T-test as well as the chi-square or binomial test. A lot of this is dependent on what the researcher is looking for in regards to their study at that given time. This could range from psychology to medicine, and the possiblities are endless.

2. Consider do we prefer working with dependent samples or independent samples? Explain

I prefer working with independent samples because I am able to make inferences ...

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