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Ethical Principles in treating human subjects in research

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1. Explain two basic principles for humane treatment of human subjects in research. Provide an example of a study in which ethical principles were not followed. How might study design have been improved in that case?

2. What are the advantages of using a mixed method approach to research? What are the challenges? Provide an example of how you have used (or, in the future, could use) this approach in your professional role

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A brief review of the Belmont Ethical Principles underlying human experimentation. It includes a brief description of the use of mixed research method, its advantages and disadvantages.

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Ethics and human research subjects

Question: 1
Describe a historical event that has shaped current guidelines and regulations for the ethical conduct of epidemiologic research with human subjects.
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What is the Belmont Report and when conducting research using human subjects, is a consent form required in research involving no more than minimal risk with children?
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Describe the key principles, guidelines, and regulations governing research with human subjects and relate them to the Tuskegee experiment and the Guatemalan syphilis study.
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Question for Anyone: What is the significance of the CITI program and how does this program assist in meeting and maintaining quality and ethical research standards for research plans which target specific groups or populations?

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