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Classroom Discipline: A Case Analysis

Pretend that you are the administrator: ASSESS THE TEACHER:: Mr. Cole, a 20-year-veteran teacher who has been rated outstanding for all his years in teaching, has recently been the focus of some minor controversy. Students have been using profanity to him constantly, he reprimands them, warns them, and eventually writes them up. He told two male students who would not cease from talking and passing notes to "take their love notes outside." The students wrote incident reports about this, stating they were embarrassed. Incidentally, leaving the room, one of the students said, "Shut the f*** up!" Another day, a student who had been written up once the day before for disrupting a science class, warned by Mr. Cole his same day about his constant outbursts, and was written up the next day by the math teacher for similar infractions, was not seated when Mr. Cole wanted to begin class. He asked the student to sit down, the student did not. "Larry, would you please sit down, I am about to begin class." He does not. "Larry, sit!" He does not. "Larry, sit!!" Larry responds, "I ain't your f****** dog!" Mr. Cole says, "I'd only have to tell my dog to sit once." Larry's mom calls the school principal to say her son was belittled for being called a dog. What do you as the administrator do? Do you need to note this on an evaluation for any area?

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A case on classroom discipline analyzed from the perspective of an administrator.