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    Definition of Pre-Correction and its Uses

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    Define the technique of pre-correction. How does it meet the requirement that students with behavior problems have positive behavior intervention plans developed for them?

    Please help with elaboration and examples.

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    I. "Define the technique of pre-correction"

    Definition 1: Pre-correction is a technique that reminds students of expectations before an activity where the student has prior history of failing to meet behavioral and/or other expectations.

    EXAMPLE: The class is going on a field trip. Jeffrey Jones has been known to wander off from the group during field trips, so just before the students leave for their field trip, his teacher reminds Jeffrey that he is expected to stay with his assigned team and not wander off during the trip.


    Definition 2: Pre-correction is the opposite of correction which is used after inappropriate behavior, whereas pre-correction is used in anticipation of inappropriate behavior.

    EXAMPLE: When there is a substitute teacher in Mrs. Phillips' class, Julie Smith is known to misbehave, speak out of turn, and disrupt the classroom. Mrs. Phillips has a teacher workshop to attend on Tuesday, so at the end of the school day on Monday she reminds Julie what the classroom rules are and that she expects Julie to follow the ...

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    This 662-word solution provides several definitions of pre-correction with citations and web addresses that prove how the technique of pre-correction meets the requirements that students with behavior problems have positive behavior intervention plans developed for them. The solution also includes examples and sample responses to each question that elaborate on what the pre-correction technique is and how it can be used as a problem behavior intervention.