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    classroom management plan

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    This posting creates a personal classroom management plan for 7th grade students:

    behavior goals for my students, how to describe the classroom conditions, how you will help students conduct themselves appropriately. Indicate how you will intervene when misbehavior occurs and how you will introduce and explain the system to your students.

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    As a teacher of K-8th grade I can say that having a good solid plan and sticking with that plan will help you with the stressors of the job.
    The first day I introduce myself and try to get to know my students. This can be done by providing them with questions they answer about themselves. These can include what is their favorite type of music, favorite color, what do they want to learn from you this year, do they like the subject you teach, how can you meet their needs etc.... I have found that when they can talk about themselves and give you some of their opinions and suggestions they feel that they are not being told what to do. 7th graders are big into independence and proving that they are "adults". Next I allow them time to ask me some questions. I have had one or two try to ask inappropriate ones, ...

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    Ideas are brainstormed to formulate a classroom management plan for middle school students.