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Pro's and Con's of new developments in security management.

Below is one of the most exciting developments in security management.

There are many privately owned companies that wondered why CBP has chosen to inspect. After the 9/11 terrorist attacks against the United States, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) have updated their cargo examination processes in order to better protect American borders from contraband. One of these changes is the introduction of inspectional technology, known as Vehicle and Cargo Inspection System (VACIS). This system utilizes low-energy x-ray and/or low-energy gamma radiation in order to effectively inspect cargo without slowing down the import process. Why, VACIS increases the number of daily inspections and since VACIS provides a better picture, physical examinations are less frequent. VACIS allows Customs to identify contraband, such as illegal drugs, currency, or guns.

Below is one of the most troubling developments in security management.

Before Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc on New Orleans, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and its parent agency, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), had already cited a powerful hurricane hitting New Orleans as one of their worst-case scenarios, yet the agencies made little effort to prepare. Even a FEMA funded exercise prior to Katrina, dubbed â??Hurricane Pam,â? did not spur development of a plan for a catastrophic hurricane.

Katrina provided two very important lessons for security professionals engaged in business continuity or crisis management planning. First, make sure your decision makers can receive information directly from the field with as little filtering as possible. Second, make sure you can trust your partners public or private to deliver what they have promised in a crisis. Private entities must maintain an ongoing, robust dialogue with government partners, especially at the local level, concerning emergency management capabilities.

Q1. Give a brief opinion to the above posting?

Below is one of the most troubling developments in security management.

In my opinion the most exciting development in security management is integration. Integration in the sense where every entity as many as possible work as a team in protecting other and one own self. CSO and security personnel must interact in and work cooperatively with people because any company's operation structure can easily reflect the company's interest in integrating multitude of security objectives. I love the idea that an private police organization look into creating a seamless integrated security design. Integration includes a number of tasks such as customer service and employee relation that enhance the security management system in providing better security.

Below is one of the most troubling developments in security management.

In my opinion the most troubling development in security management is liability issues. This is troubling because many private police organization such as contract security organizations still continue to provide poor training and hiring negligent that has the potential to result in a lawsuit that can and is financially devastating to the organization. Security professional encounters customer, client, visitors etc on a daily basis and unethical behavior may lead to actions that are contested in a court of law, which could be criminally and civil that can hurt the reputation and operation of the organization.

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1) Before CPB updated their cargo inspections, many imports sat in a warehouse for weeks before a physical inspection could be done. With the new inspection systems in place the process makes the examination quicker meaning less wait time in the warehouse. VACIS has helped the United States detect over 3,000 pounds of illegal drugs being shipped into the country. (Taylor, March 2000). The new system has also helped inspectors see the contents of hard to examine containers as well as other difficult to inspect packages. I believe this is a huge step in securing the nation from illegal drugs, weapons and other ...

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