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Walmart Location Planning: Response to Local Negative Criticisms

Wal-Mart wants to build one of their stores in a small town. What are the pros and cons regarding the local businesses and the residents? How might a Wal-Mart representative respond to the negative criticisms that might be brought up?

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Wal-Mart's Small Town Business

As, Wal-Mart wants to build one of their stores in a small town that may render the company with a number of troubles as in small town there may be a number of small business owners. By opening one of its stores in small town Wal-Mart may face following pros and cons regarding that place's local businesses and the residents:


- Due to the small businesses or we can say little presence of others, the company may achieve high incomes by expanding more than others.
- This new store in a small town will help the company in making self-determination like it will determine how much money it want to make, when it want to work and in what conditions. In this way we can confer that with this business the company will determine its own success.
- By opening a store in small town the company can put away up to $30,000 pre tax dollars into ...

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This solution discusses how a Wal-Mart representative might respond to negative criticisms.