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Family Help Regarding BD

How can the special education professional enlist family and community support to promote the academic success of a student with emotional and behavioral disorders?

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The special education professional can enlist the help of family and community support when needed and in most cases there will be a dramatic change in the behavior and learning progress of the child. The problem in most cases is finding the man power to bring into the classroom in order to make it beneficial for the student.
Making the parents involved is one of the most important things a teacher can do to help a child with special needs. One thing that can be done is the parent can come into the classroom setting and see firsthand how their child is behaving and interacting with the other students. This can be very beneficial even if the student is not in a self contained classroom.
Speaking to the parents on a weekly basis is also important, the problem becomes when the parent does not really want to be involved in the education of his or her child. Some parents would love to be involved, but do not have the time. Each parent though should have the time to talk on the phone once a week although face to face is ...