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Information on teacher expectations vs. student behavior

What influence do teachers' expectations potentially have on students?

Is there a relationship between teacher expectation and student behavior? Why or why not?

Please help; need information and examples.

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Below is information you can use to complete your assignment, the web addresses where you can find additional information, and a sample outline you can use for your paper:

1. Teacher's behavior associated with their high or low expectations of students falls under the four categories listed below and includes but is not limited to the actions listed with each category:

Socio-emotional climate - smiling/nodding

Input - Amount of teacher interaction

Output - Calling on during class discussions

Affective feedback - amount of criticism, praise, anger or pity

EXAMPLE: The teacher perceives that Sally is smart because she raises her hands quietly to answer questions and gets the answer right most of the time. Susie, on the other hand, jumps up and down in her seat and blurts out answers that are often wrong. The teacher smiles at Sally when she sees her hand raised, often calls on her to answer questions, and says "Good job as usual, Sally" while turning her back to Susie and ignoring her.

2. Teacher expectations result in student achievement, sense of self worth, expectations of self, etc.

EXAMPLE: Mr. Jones met all of his students on the first day of school and gave them his expectations of the class for the school year. He taught rigorous lessons that were adapted to the skills and abilities of his students as individuals. His goal was to prepare each student for college during the year they were ...

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