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Instructional Plan for Adult Learners

Create a 30-minute instructional activity plan on the subject of your choice for adult learners. You must include the following in your plan:

a. A web 2.0 tool as an instructional component
b. A collaboration component including individual and collaborative input
c. An assessment of the outcomes of the activity

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You have a few important decisions to make about your activity plan and hopefully I can give you some guidelines that will help. I will consider the three parts of the plan so that you remember to cover them thoroughly.

1. How will you use the Web 2.0 tool and which one will you pick? According to the assignment, you will need to use it as an "instructional component", which means part of your teaching. Therefore, you could create or use an existing YouTube video and that would fulfill the assignment. I don't think using something that already exists would impress your professor, however. So you need to consider what skills you have and how you could do something creative as an instructional component. The way I see this part of the assignment is that this is how you will present the information you are teaching. Your use of Web 2.0 doesn't have to stop there, but that seems to be the minimum the instructor is requiring.
2. The second point of the assignment is to use collaboration as part of the learning activity. From my own experience, getting students to collaborate can be time consuming and you have only a half hour for the activity. Therefore, you must have some realistic tasks and you must ensure that the way you ...

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This solution provides guidance in creating a 30-minute lesson/activity for adult learners that includes a web 2.0 tool, collaboration, and an assessment.