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Getting off to a good start at school

How can teachers start the year off on the "right foot" with parents?

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The unfortunate reality is that, as the saying goes, "people make a judgment in the first few minutes of meeting someone." Opinions can be changed but it takes a LOT more work. I've been a very popular teacher in some settings and less popular in others and it all can depend on a few things that happen or fall in the fray of miscommunication. Still, doesn't matter if one does everything 'right,' things can happen.

The reality is that having a good relationship with parents is paramount. Without, it will make the school day and year a LOT longer, if they are always making appointments, trying to make contact, attempting to straighten out miscommunications or problems, NOBODY is happy.

Primarily, if the students are happy and love to go to school, the parents will be happy. Parents can have a differing opinion, due to reputation of a ...

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in the following posting, first impressions and good classroom environments are discussed.