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Self-Serving Bias: Working with Families

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Identify and discuss two instances of the self-serving bias in family members from the attached scenario.
Identify and report two experiences where you have observed the self-serving bias in working with families.

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This solution provides a review of a supplied case study from the perspective of self-serving bias. Two general examples are included.

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Self serving bias - taking credit for the good things that occur while laying blame on others for bad things that occur.

Tommy says he does not do anything to the girls to make them pick on him. He is also blaming others at school for his bad behaviors. He blames his step mom for being busy and not spending time with him, his dad for working and not spending time with him. He ultimately blames the change to a family from his life with just him and his dad.

Angie and Casey take credit for focusing on school and admittedly let their mom take care of getting them up and the chores. They blame their activities and homework though for not having enough time to help around the house. The classes they take and the softball team are blamed for their lack of responsibility within the house.

Karen takes credit for the housework, the raising of the kids, taking care of grandma and all the details of life. She blames Same for not being home to help with chores and kids. It is his fault they do not get along. He does not help out much. ...

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