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    Social cognition and attribution biases

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    A brief description of three attribution biases and explain one way a person would engaged in each Selecting one of the attributions biases and explain what information could have been present to prevent the use of this attribution bias..Explain whether or not attribution biases can be positive and why.

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    Briefly speaking, attribution biases are those where we try and assign some form of rationale for our own or someone else's behavior, based on available information (including our own experiences). There are different kinds, and some of these are:

    Fundamental attribution bias: explaining other people's behaviors. Specifically, this type of bias outlines our tendency to attribute "dispositional" factors like personality over those of "situational" factors, which rely on the context of the situation. The classic example is when someone fails to do something, we might be ...

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    The three attribution biases are explained. The information which is presented to prevent the use of the attribution bias.