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Educational Personal Reflection

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Reflect on one of the following three sentence starters:

In my classroom, I tried to promote student learning by [implementing]...
In thinking about my future classroom, I want to promote student learning by...
I would like to improve education by...

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The field of education has become so diverse and is far from what a community saw on Little House in the Prairie. The world is so complex and the amount of information available is so much vaster than it was even thirty years ago. This writer even remembers when there were no cell phones, computers in all the homes or World Wide Web.

In the TIMMS study done at Michigan State University, with the focus on math and science worldwide, the amount of information students are responsible for is crucial to consider. What will be important for adults to consider with the next generation is what exactly students need to know. Some argue that much is available on the internet and to spend a lot of time memorizing and following a teach-to-the- test mentality is a substandard ...

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Education in the future, promoting student learning and ideas about improving education are discussed.

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