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teacher evaluations and self-reflection

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Employers routinely ask employees to react and be proactive in self-reflection with personal growth. Teacher evaluations often require the teacher to react to the observations and there is a record of both the administrator's view, along with the teacher response. The reason this could be mutually productive is because an administrator only sees a limited view and not every day in the classroom. Prepare a profile of a professional educator's role as a reflective practitioner, in areas of reflection, practice and learning systems.

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Tips for improvement and teacher self-reflection are discussed.

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A plethora of things happen in the classroom and the teacher usually cannot record ever detail and may forget all the details. As is noted at http://www.education.umd.edu/teacher_education/sthandbook/reflection.html,
Becoming a Reflective Practitioner, "Data Collection/Action

Research: Consider a problem area such as student motivation that concerns you. Intentionally design a procedure for collecting information (data) to learn more about the problem. Use this data to further analyze the situation, to act on the problem, or to reevaluate."
Keeping good records about what happens ...

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