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Discussion of Polygraphs

Q1. Explain the importance of a polygraph or CVSA examination in the background process. What is your opinion of the use of polygraph examinations to hire employees?

Q2. Do you think that polygraph testing is accurate? In Minnesota they use polygraphs but the results cannot be submitted to a court as "proof" of guilt or innocence. On TV they make it look like a polygraph test can catch anyone in a lie. Again, TV misrepresenting what actually is a tool to assist a human being in making a determination if someone might be lying.

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Q1> It is my opinion (arguable here!) that polygraph testing should only be done in the hiring of employees in special, special situations requiring unquestioned integrity. First, the process is expensive and stressful, and might frighten off either an honest, but nervous applicant, or an unscrupulous potential employee because of the reputation that polygraphs have for unerring detection of falsehoods portrayed by the mass media (movies and TV). Second, only jobs with critical security clearance should require such testing as a prerequisite to being employed. Such a test is a potential invasion of an applicant's personal privacy, and it is a pretty condemning indication of the lack of confidence the employing firm has in the applicant. I have ...

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The solution provides a discussion of polygraphs, or lie detector tests. It considers if they accurate, and when might they not be reliable and how real-life is different from how these tests are portrayed in the media.