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How to select, teach and assess vocabulary words

1.How might you select which vocabulary words to teach?

2.You may remember vocabulary study as getting a list of words, looking up the definition, and then taking a test on the words. This is still a prevalent practice, but research shows it is highly ineffective. What different methods of vocabulary instruction would you use to help students gain and retain vocabulary knowledge?

I need help developing a mini lesson on using vocabulary words for 1st graders.

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I would approach vocabulary instruction as a component of studying a particular story that is age and or grade appropriate for the students. Select a story, and read it to the students. Then pull out words from the story to study, in the context of the sentences in which they appear. You will then give the children an idea about how these specific words are used in "real life."

Then, introducing these first graders to the dictionary (a reading level and age appropriate one) is an excellent strategy. For each term, students in small groups or pairs can see what the reference has to say about the words they ...

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How to select vocabulary words, teach and study them, and how to assess student understanding of them.