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High Stakes Testing

Need assitance on high stakes testing that is done in your state and/or a local school district. Identify testing requirements that are prerequisite to romotion or graduation. Discuss legal, ethical, political and/or financial issues surrounding the testing requirements. Focus your discussion on the top three issues you

Teacher Right Summary Exercise

Research teacher employment provisions in your state. Use a graphic organizer of your choice (table, chart, map, etc.) to present your findings on the following: What is the definition of a probationary teacher?· What are the conditions for becoming a tenured teacher? What specific offenses would preclude a teac

Disabilities discussion is briefly achieved.

1. What are some of the benefits and deterrents to system of classifying disabilities as defined in IDEA and how this system came about. 2. define and discuss the 3 perspectives of disabilities

Non-Electronic Database Application

Address the following questions: 1. What non-electronic databases (such as lists, calendars, phone directories, address books) do you use regularly? 2. What electronic databases do you use? 3. How have you seen these applications used in your organization? Give examples. Word processing Presentation Spread Sheet Da

Important information about Four Corners

Please help answer the following about "Four Corners" 1. I think it's important because... 2. A symbol for it might be... 3. I already meet the needs of my students by... 4. I need to know... Using fours corners as a reference, think about a concept of interest to you and develop this concept using the model ''one size

School curriculum players are determined.

Identify key players in curriculum development and management . Describe the role each member plays and the influence they have on the curriculum. The key players are Federal Government, state, district, school, teacher, community

Evaluation of a classroom or agency

First decide whether you are a teacher of a special education classroom, regular inclusive classroom, gifted and talented classroom, speech/language class, or private intervention agency. From there tell me about an experience in which you have encountered. Explain the following: o Identify and describe the client or stu

Opinion on Parent's Sitting in the Classroom During Teachings

Let's imagine that you have a student who is having trouble leaving a parent and wants their mother or father to stay at school with them during the day. As a teacher, what is your opinion on allowing a parent to come in and sit in the classroom during your teachings?

Short Feedback

1. Explain how you might use the techniques you use for school in your most recent human services experience, or if you do not have a recent experience, discuss how you would interact with a client in a homeless family shelter using the technology we have available? 2. Answer the questions that are asked as if you were expl

Professional communities

Write 5 recommendations that you would make to your administrators to support Professional Learning Communities at your school or work place.

Test Data

What information is necessary for regular educators to improve application of test data in the classroom?

Adaptations to assignments

There are many ways teachers can identify ways to help with instruction through providing one-on-one help and extra individual attention. There are many other adaptations out there for teachers to use while they are involved in instruction or also adaptations that can be made to specific assignments. As a teacher, can you

Descriptive Statistics

Explain the dimensions of descriptive statistics, reliability and validity, and norm referenced assessment and criterion referenced assessment.

Expanding Definitions of Family

Transforming a curriculum that offers a glimpse into a study of family as the theme. As the political framework for defining family has become a contentious issue in recent years because of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community's struggle to be recognized as family units. Please help me describe the curricu

How are graphic organizers used in teaching?

The research is clear about the importance of using graphic organizers to increase student achievement. Discuss how graphic organizers may be used in the content of your teaching. Include in your discussion whether you have used graphic organizers and the successes and challenges you have faced in their use.


Take the following for example; in the classroom we are considered a team. On our team it was made clear to the students that everyone would have constantly changing roles. Sometimes they would need to be an assistant coach and help someone else, sometimes they would need to be on the practice squad and be willing to be helped

4 knowledge questions

There are four levels of knowledge which can be used to measure how much you know about a particular subject: Level 1: Do I know enough so that I can think about it? Do I grasp the subject and some of the related issues? Level 2: Do I know enough to talk about it? Can I name some examples and similar ideas? Level 3: Do I

How to address linguistic skills diversity in the classroom

Please provide some discussion on how I could support a colleague struggling with the following scenario: A colleague has noticed that several of her students (linguistically diverse classroom) are having difficulty with spelling and often reverse the order of certain words or leave words out of sentences. How can she provide h

Teachers' Input

Please help with the following problem. Please provide at least 400 words. Say you are doing a lesson plan where each student need to bring a family photo to class. As a teacher what do you do if you have a hard time getting a photo for one student?

Video and instruction design multimedia

Which video formats are used for web sites? Which formats are best for web-based video? Please give descriptive examples and references so it will help me in future. What is a podcast? What software is available for the use of podcasts? How can they be used in education or business? Please give descriptive examples and r

comparison of formal and hidden curriculum

1. What is the difference between the formal and the hidden curriculum? 2. Specify two ways technology impact the curriculum? 3. Explain two ways in which social forces shape curriculum development

Types and Purposes of Assessments

Discuss the different types of assessments. What is the purpose of assessment? Are these types of assessments necessary? Critique the purposes, types, and steps of assessment of students with disabilities. Which are most valuable and why?

Professional development

What is the role of professional development indesigning differentiated instruction? what challenges do you see in defining a staff development program in differentiated? have you had any experiences in designing staff development? Differentiated instruction involves the use of a variety of teaching tools that may or may not be

Ten characteristics of Memory

Learning and Memory are inseparable. When a learner lacks memory, she/he is said to be an under achiever in academic performance. In line with the above stated information, mention and discuss 10 characteristics of memory.

War on poverty analysis

Can you state and describe three educational contributions to the EDUCATION and THE WAR ON POVERTY? What is the strength and what is the limitation of the topic? Please include references.