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What is your experience with school funraising? What types of regulations are placed on fundraising activities? What recommendation would you have to minimize the negative consequences of a fund-raising event?

What types of regulations are placed on fundraising activities? To some extent this depends on the individual school or district. Fundraising for specific school teams, clubs and trips typically needs to follow school procedures. In many cases this means that my fundraising effort cannot interfere from another club's effor

Regulation that impacts adult learning and court case

Research a regulation [e.g., Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) or a local state or federal law] impacting adult learning. Locate a court case that relates to your selected regulation. a. Identify the regulation b. Describe the selected court case c. Analyze the relationship between the court case and the

Assessment tools for young children

Could you please assist me in Identify/locating at least three assessment methods that are most appropriate for use with young children or infants, including those considered to be "at-risk" and why they would be appropriate.

Child-Centered Education

Should education be child-centered, focusing on children's interests and needs? Why or why not?

I need help with a personal classroom management plan.

Step 1. Specify How You Will Present and Conduct Yourself State your conclusions concerning what you must do to present and conduct yourself in a professional and ethical manner, in accordance with legal considerations. A few reminders are that you â-  Must exercise due diligence over students â-  Shall not intentional

Functional classroom

I need help putting together a paper that discusses what a functional classroom that is effective for students with emotional and behavioral disorders would look like. Please help and give an example of an ideal set up for that classroom. Thanks.

pre-correction and students with behavior problems

Define the technique of pre-correction. How does it meet the requirement that students with behavior problems have positive behavior intervention plans developed for them? Please help with elaboration and examples.

Personal classroom management plan assistance

This posting creates a personal classroom management plan for 7th grade students: behavior goals for my students, how to describe the classroom conditions, how you will help students conduct themselves appropriately. Indicate how you will intervene when misbehavior occurs and how you will introduce and explain the syste


Please describe what causes individual differences in knowledge and learning in Reading and why it is considered to be this way.

Disabilities and the Law - ADA

Do you think people's perceptions of others play a role in the success of students with disabilities? Why or why not? Choose one law covered in Chapter 1. These include IDEA, NCLB, Section 504 and ADA. How does your chosen law protect students with disabilities from negative perceptions and beliefs?

Observing Math Instruction

Observe an elementary mathematics lesson. Write an essay that addresses the following issues and summarizes your observations: (1) What is the importance of having standards in mathematics? How do standards improve mathematics instruction? Compare and contrast traditional mathematics programs versus constructivist-type progr

Assessing Academic Skills: Charted Example

Assess your academic skills in four areas: study, note-taking, study skills, research and reading skills. Then, you will review the skills you have identified and suggest ways you can improve them. List 15 of your current study habits related to the four skill areas: note-taking, study skills, research skills, and reading s

Various Criterion to Evaluate Early Education Literature

As an early childhood educator, you will be selecting literature to share with your students. Explain the criterion you will use to evaluate literature for inclusion in an early childhood program. What behaviors will you be looking for in your students that indicate your program was successful?


1. Provided the choice of utilizing qualitative and quantitative data sources for an evaluation, how do you determine which to use? Explain your choice. 2. What considerations must an evaluator keep in mind when developing recommendations and conclusions for a written evaluation report? 3. Assume you are a program

English Language Learners

How have changes in the law affected classroom practice in relation to EL learners? How have federal and state laws, from 1964 to the present, affected trends in ELL instruction? Explain how a classroom activity could be adapted for students at various stages of language acquisition. Address evidence of student comprehens

Response to Instruction and intervention

1. Pls. visit about the RTI, reflect on what you learned, how you will use this information, or compare / contrast this process with what is happening in your school. 2. What are your reactions to the current system of labeling students so they can receive special educatio


1.How may evaluation results be used in making decisions? Give at least three examples. 2.What are several factors that ensure an evaluation is successful?

Least restrictive environments and IEP overview

Why do you think students with emotional and behavioral disorders are often placed in more restrictive environments than students with other disabilities? Provide specific incidences of when separate placement might actually be the â??least restrictive environmentâ? for a student. Discuss the rationale an IEP team wo

Important Person in Your Life

Explain the impact of an important person in your life. What role did this person play in shaping your life? If this person is a friend, consider the larger role of friendship and the challenge of being a good friend. If this person is a mentor, consider the importance of mentors in the lives of people your age and what makes a

Fantasy vs. Reality in Young Children

Please elaborate/describe on the mental state of understanding of fantasy in young children. At what age do children have a good understanding of fantasy and why is having this understanding important?

Planning in Very Young Children

Planning is a process needed to problem solve. Please explain how young children use this process to problem solve and provide 1 or 2 specific examples.

Science Vs. Culture - The Kennewick Man

The tensions between science and culture extend far beyond disputes over evolution. In some cases, science and culture disagree on not just what is true, but how actions should be taken in the real world. The story of Kennewick Man is a perfect example of this. Case: In 1996, while two tourists were visiting Kennewick, on

Books for Building Personality Development

Identify at least three books that could help children develop positive self-esteem through content and theme. Identify the books by title and author and explain how the theme or content addresses an area of personality development.

A Comparison of Leadership and Decision Making Styles

Pros and cons related to consensus-based versus top-down decision making processes. Consensus-based: Decision making is usually consensus based where the people involved hold a significant amount of power and their power is roughly equal. Considering the higher education environment, professors hold a significant amount of

Educational goals and national goals

Please help answer the following question. How much influence do you believe the government should have in deciding what is or is not being taught?

Challenges in human service work overview

1. What are some of the challenges in human service work with measuring client outcomes? How might information systems help in this regard? 2. What are some of the reasons that staff may be resistant to or fearful of evaluation? How can evaluation be made nonthreatening or even valued for workers in human service agencies?