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Writing Instruction K-12

1. Provide insights on 1) poetry writing and 2) rereading techniques. 2. In terms of the ways in which we look at student writing and how we assess developing writers, what do you think of the topics of 1) writing a letter and then take the letter as a basis for an essay, 2) writing poetry, 3) rereading, and/or 4) writing a

Fraction computation is advised.

Using â??Quotientâ? as a representation for fractions, how would you introduce the four operation including 1) addition, 2) subtraction, 3) multiplication, and 4) division? Introduce a word problem for each operation then describe how quotient as a representation for operations is used. Also in detail, describe how you will

Special ed

Read the attached file and answer the followings: 1. Accommodations are usually provided for students with disabilities included in Mr. Calvin's 9th grade history class? 2. What are the characteristics of autism according to Mr. Fuentes? Which of these characteristics does Max have? 3. What are Max's strengths and needs (we

SEI and Student Achievement

There are a number of SEI methods for beginning English language development. Choose 2 and share examples from your classroom or others you may know of. What made the method successful for improving student achievement?

the use of social skills training

How might the use of social skills training allow a student with disabilities to participate in the general education program? What types of social skills does a student with disabilities need to be proficient in to be successful in an inclusive classroom?

School-wide behavior management system

How can a school develop a school-wide behavior management system that addresses the needs of students with special needs in an inclusive setting? What components are necessary in this type of school-wide system?

The Data Encryption Standard (DES) is exemplified.

Q1: What are substitution ciphers? How do they differ from one-time pads? Which is better for the IS manager to employ? Explain your answer. Q2: What is the Data Encryption Standard (DES)? What is triple DES? How did the Rijndael protocol enhance DES? Q3: What is an intrusion detection system (IDS)? What are the two t

The lesson on vizualizing strategy is described.

Select one lesson, if permitted at your field experience placement site, that you developed for this course and teach it to students in a grade-appropriate classroom. · Reflect on your experience as part of the Field Experience Observation Record, including revisions that you would make to the lesson based on the exper

The Purpose of Chi-Squared and When to Apply It

Explain the purpose of Chi-Squared and when to apply it. How is Chi-Squared similar to other significant tests? What makes it unique and when should it be used? What requirements must be met to use Chi-Squared? What does Chi-Squared tell a researcher and what is the statistic relationship to effect size?

Computer Lab Rules and Procedures

I need help in creating specific rules and procedures for each of the following areas for students in a computer lab: o Student computer use o Student computer sharing (rotation) o Student computer teaming and team roles o Internet use guidelines o Internet downloads (plug-ins, add-ons) o Stud

Teaching Fractions

Please pick either "quotient" or "ratio" in fractions and provide real math class examples (What kind of activities? how do you teach? Using what materials, visuals, etc?) on the following topics: 1) comparing and ordering 2) relative size of fractions 3) improper and mixed fractions 4) equivalent fractions 5) renami

Literacy for second language acquisition students is overviewed.

Much of the research related to second language acquisition indicates that linguistically diverse children learn higher-level cognitive skills best in a social context - through talking, writing, reading and listening. What implications do these findings have on the way classrooms are organized?

Information Security Risk is defined.

Q1: Define the concept Information Security risk. Why is risk the underlying concept that forms the basis of computer security? How does Information Security risk influence the decisions made regarding Information Security policy in your organization? Q2: What is the risk management approach? Provide examples of countermea

Inclusion Plan for Schools

How can schools coordinate a system-wide plan for inclusion? What strategies can be used to include all members of the staff in the creation and execution of the plan?

Reasonable Expectation of Privacy (REP)

What is Reasonable Expectation of Privacy (REP)? Why is it critical for law enforcement and security professionals to address REP prior to taking any action against a violator? What issues arise during the admission of digital evidence at trial?

Discipline and Students with IEPs

Need help defining and explaining these questions with just the right words regarding students with IEPs. 1. What are the rules for disciplining students with IEPs? 2. What are the regulation regarding short-term suspension, long-term suspension and expulsion? 3. What is the difference between the two? 4. What is th

Phi Delta Kappa Membership Details

What is Phi Delta Kappa's Membership requirements, mission and goals, benefits for members, opportunities for professional growth and development?

Reasonable Expectation of Privacy (REP)

Q1. What is Reasonable Expectation of Privacy (REP)? Why is it critical for law enforcement and security professionals to address REP prior to taking any action against a violator? What issues arise during the admission of digital evidence at trial? Q2. Why is written computer security policy so critical for Information Securi