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Asymmetrical Power and the War on Terror

Q1. What is asymmetrical power? How does it relate to the war on terror?

Q2. What are some of the main factors contributing to increasing global and domestic inequality?

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http://csat.au.af.mil/future-conflict.htm (portal site with articles)

The clearest discussion, using plain language, about asymmetrical power, comes from this site:

What they have to say is that, just like kids on the playground, some kids are bigger, stronger, faster and have more resources than some other kids do. This analogy holds true for countries, also. Some countries are bigger, have a bigger, have a stronger military, and have greater resources (weapons, potential soldiers, wealth, etc.) with which to wage battle than other countries do. This is where the term asymmetrical comes in. This word ...

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This solution contains a discussion of asymmetrical power among countries and tactics used, as well as reasons for the imbalance. Web resources are included.