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War on Terror vs. War on Drugs

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Often times, groups like the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia (FARC) are described as Narco-Terror groups. However, the U.S. makes a clear policy distinction between the war on terror, which is really a war to counter violent islamist extremism, and the war on drugs being prosecuted in South America. Is this distinction valid and it is useful for a policy framework?

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This solution discusses Narco-Terrorists within the war on drugs. This solution is 375 words with three references.

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I would say it is viable. The War on Terror is aimed at stopping those who would terrorize and kill people based on religion, capitalism, or citizenship in a country that extremists have deemed evil or unworthy. They kill innocent people without consideration of the consequences for the families and others, and they do so to gain attention for their causes, for their own gratification, and to emulate power.

The Narco-Terrorists within the war on drugs is a brutal and vicious group of killers too. However, their goal is based on eliminating the enemies to their specific trade, the empires they builded from the growing and selling of ...

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