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    War on Terrorism

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    1) What is the War on Terrorism?

    2) What events historically led up to it? How far back could/should we go?

    3) Both major parties say of terrorists that "they hate us for our freedom". How likely is this as being true? Is there any evidence to support that stance? Who are they (Al Qaeda)?

    4) Are there other reasons for the attacks besides supposed hatred of freedom? If so, what might these reasons be? How have the enemy, or they, defined these attacks?

    5) How do we know what we think we know and why are certain stories selected for telling over others (the creation of official narratives vs. vernacular ones)?

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    War on Terror Basics & Background

    1) The War on Terror is basically a coalition of global governments under the initial and main assertion of the USA, in an effort to track down terrorist cell groups who are planning to attack major democratic countries. The London and Madrid Bombings are very large examples of this happening outside the US, as well.
    2) This is a matter of some debate, but most all historians agree that it can be traced at least as far back as the Afghan War in the 1980s. Some more liberal historians may try to argue it's a conflict as old as the Crusades and the early Persian Empires. Other more conservative historians will probably trace it only as far back as ...

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    The War on Terrorism is examined. The events historically led up to it is determined.