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Terrorism as a War on Globalism

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Discusses the links between the recent global war on terror and the issues of human rights and distributive justice in the international system. How will the emphasis on national/homeland and global security steal away the emphasis on human rights (human security) and distributive justice? Contrast the use of different ethical frameworks or theories (idealist, realist, religious etc.) - how do they lead to very different answers to the question?

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The war on terror can be interpreted as terrorists fighting a modern empire; modern globalization wants to create a single universal system of law while terrorists often want the independence of their country or ethnic group.

If we interpret terrorism as the revolt of the weak, then the war on terror (at least), must also involve the building of the economies of the third world. This is classic Idealism. ...

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Terrorism as a War on Globalism are discussed. How they lead to very different answers to the questions are determined.