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Mass media and mass culture

How does mass media influence the worldwide movement toward a mass culture? Please support the position.

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I was reading an interesting book the other day. It was discussing technological advancements that have benefited mankind. One of the points of the day discussed advertising. Back in the days of the Sears and Roebuck catalogs many if not most of the products sold actually would improve the lives of those living either in the cities or on the frontier. Washing machines, ice boxes, rifles, clothes, sewing machines and other marvels all could be used by the individual housewife or head of the house, all would last for many years and possibly be handed down to the next generation and most saved time and energy that would contribute to a better quality of life. Over several decades however, the necessities that we had began to dwindle. Today we truly have few needs. However, a consumer culture is based on the concept of consumption so advertising has taken center ...

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