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valid assessment/reliable score

Focus on your knowledge concerning the delivery of instructional objectives regarding student assessment and learning outcome. Discuss the importance of implementing both validity and reliability in assessing student growth and achievement! What is a valid assessment? What is a reliable score?

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Assessment is important because of all the decisions you will make about children when teaching and caring for them.Some assessment decisions made by teachers may seem small and inconsequential, others will be of greater consequence influencing the life path of students. All of the assessment decisions made as a whole will direct and alter student's learning outcomes.

It is important to implement reliability and validity into educational assessments.A good assessment has both . since in practice, an assessment is rarely totally valid or totally reliable. A ruler which is marked wrong will always give the same (wrong) measurements. It is very reliable, but not very valid. Asking random individuals to tell the time without looking at a clock or watch is sometimes used as an example of an assessment which ...

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What is a valid assessment is determined. The reliable score is given. This posting addresses these inquiries.