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The achievement gap theories in education

We believe that all students can learn, but the extent of their learning is determined by their innate ability or aptitude. This aptitude is relatively fixed, and as teachers we have little influence over the extent of student learning. It is our job to create multiple programs or tracks that address the different abilities of students, and then guide students to the appropriate program. This ensures that students have access to the proper curriculum and an optimum opportunity to master material appropriate to their ability.

What would be a justification for this position? It is alluding to a secondary education setting.

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This is the new philosophy for failing schools, " to master material appropriate to their ability..."
More and more students are having special education determinations than ever before, some is valid and some misdiagnosis is taking place. The wave of thinking is individualized teaching and differentiated learning. The master teacher will be able to do this but young and inexperienced educators won't. The traditional style where all learned together, somewhat rigid military style, had value for the decline in discipline. But in reality, many fell through the ...