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    Linguistic Diversity and Learning

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    In the Speech Emergence Stage, students tend to develop a vocabulary of about 3,000 words and can communicate with simple phrases and sentences. They will ask simple questions that may or may not be grammatically correct, such as May I go to bathroom? ELLs will also initiate short conversations with classmates. They will understand uncomplicated stories read in class with the support of pictures. They will also be able to do some content work with teacher support.

    How can teachers support and affirm the native languages and cultures of student in the above mentioned stage? Provide a rationale for this classification

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    One way in which teachers can support and affirm the native languages and cultures of students in the above-mentioned stage, is to teach them in their native language with cultural pictures and references as the backdrop to this form of instruction. If a teacher is instructing an individual in his or her native language, it will be helpful for the teacher to ...

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