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Hazards and hazard responses

Q1. What are the two major differences between traditional hazards and the new hazards associated with terrorism? reference

Q2. Who is ultimately in charge at the scene of a terrorist incident? reference

Q3. Do you think that the dependence of New Orleans on the federal government during Katrina was justified? Money was provided by the federal government for levee maintenance which was misspent by the governor (on roads, I think). The mayor of New Orleans was at the height of incompetence for his performance during the hurricane which he knew was coming. This wasn't a tornado that suddenly appeared. New Orleans was responsible for New Orleans until such time as they were overwhelmed at which time the state was responsible for New Orleans. Both levels of government dropped the ball in the worst way and then complained about the response time of the federal government (my tax money). Contrary to what seems to be the popular belief in today's society, the federal government, using my tax money, is not responsible for the response to every disaster that occurs around the country. State and local governments are responsible unless and until they need to call on the federal government for assistance due to the size and magnitude of the disaster.

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Q1. What are the two major differences between traditional hazards and the new hazards associated with terrorism? Reference Traditional hazards can be causes of nature such as flood, earthquake, tsunami, volcano eruption, etc. Other hazards are caused by human carelessness, such as the Three Mile Island nuclear disaster, or the one in Russia, which were not deliberate acts intended to cause harm. These events still put the lives of first responders in danger, but from the conditions of the disaster, not from the humans responsible for causing or creating the disaster, which is the case with terroristic acts. Terroristic acts have humans as their cause, who usually have a private or public agenda of their own, and mass destruction is planned and made provision for, even when no destruction actually takes place. ...

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Natural and man-made (terrorist) incidents, who is in authority, and federal.state.local government response to incidents discussed.