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    How are comprehension and vocabulary linked?

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    How are comprehension and vocabulary linked? What strategies might you use to help students acquire the meanings of unfamiliar vocabulary?

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    There are some suggested links between vocabulary and comprehension. I have added below the article for you. Make sure you reference it appropriately if you use it.

    What Is the Relationship Between Vocabulary and Comprehension?

    Michael F. Graves
    University of Minnesota, Emeritus
    August, 2008

    A great deal of evidence testifies to a strong relationship between vocabulary and comprehension. As Baumann (2005) points out, the evidence for this relationship includes:

    (a) the close relationship between vocabulary and IQ,
    (b) early descriptive studies,
    (c) a number of correlational and factor analytic studies,
    (d) the close relationship between vocabulary and achievement tests, and
    (e) the centrality of vocabulary to readability.

    But the question remains: Is this relationship merely correlational? Is it simply the fact that people with larger vocabularies have good comprehension skills? Or is the relationship causal? Does increasing students' vocabularies make them better comprehenders? As the reports ...

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    This response explains the link the between comprehension and vocabulary. A list of strategies for improving comprehension and vocabulary is provided with a one page description of concept sorts, selective underlining and the think/pair/share strategies attached individually as seperate Word documents. This solution contains four APA references.