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    Counseling Case Study

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    You have been asked to provide a presentation on physical abuse of children within the family unit to school counselors who work in a large local school district that has a high percentage of Hispanic students. Teachers in the district are becoming increasingly concerned about incidents children are reporting that deal with discipline within households. For instance, eight-year-old twin boys reported that their mother, who is a legal immigrant from Mexico, applied hot pepper sauce to their tongues for lying to her.
    Although the school district's student population is 85 percent Hispanic, just 25 percent of the teachers are Hispanic. The remaining percentage of teachers are Caucasian and African-American. Lately, tension has begun to occur among the Hispanic and non-Hispanic teachers regarding these incidents. The Hispanic teachers feel the non-Hispanic teachers do not understand cultural considerations related to how Hispanic families discipline their children.
    Create an outline of a presentation (not a full presentation) to present to the counselors within this school district. As you develop your presentation outline, consider the following questions:
    â?¢ With whom might you consult prior to your presentation?
    â?¢ What would you hope to learn?
    â?¢ What cultural factors need to be taken into consideration when working with Hispanic families?
    â?¢ What recommendations would you make to the school counselors in this school district about how to work with both teachers and families?

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    With whom might you consult prior to your presentation? Prior to creating a presentation, I would conduct a survey of teachers who primarily teach a high percentage of Hispanic students. Hopefully, I would find Hispanic teachers to include. I may also include in the outline interviews with teachers who are Hispanic and teachers who teach Hispanic children, maybe even interview students of different cultures.

    What would you hope to learn? I would hope to learn that there is a ...

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