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interest and text difficulty in reading

How does interest and text difficulty affect student performance?

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If a student is interested in a book he or she is more likely to fully engage in the content and process of reading. Linked to this is student choice; empowering a student by allowing her to choose a book he or she would like to read grants autonomy and ownership in learning. For example, having all students read the same book at the same time (anthology, novel study, etc.) robs them of their voice in the classroom. By providing students with choices, and teaching them how to choose a book that is appropriate for their reading levels you raise their level of interest in reading, while also giving them some control of their own learning.

Educators have long believed it is most beneficial to a student to allow them to read silently at their independent reading levels instead of their instructional or frustration levels. This is due to a belief that students will develop an unhealthy ...

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