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    Reading Comprehension: Theoretical Basis and Instructional Techniques

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    Please help with these questions. Include reference citations within the paragraphs to support reflections. Include a reference list and specific citations from professional literature consulted.
    1. What is the theoretical basis of comprehension?
    2. How can knowledge of text structures be used to improve reading comprehension?
    3. What are some major instructional techniques that could be used to improve reading comprehension?
    4. What steps could be taken to improve the comprehension of all your students, especially struggling readers?

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    1. What is the theoretical basis of comprehension?


    Schema theory is a theory involving reading comprehension and is called "schema theory" or the "schema perspective." The objective of schema theory is to explain interaction between what is in the text and how that information is shaped and stored by the reader. (Adams & Collins, 1977) The underlying assumption is that meaning does not lie solely in the print itself, but interacts with the cognitive structure or schemata already present in the reader's mind.

    According to psychologist Rummelhart (1977) schemata represent generic concepts which are stored in the learner's memory. The method in which a concept is stored is not by remembering the isolated event alone, rather by identifying those aspects of the structures related to other concepts already stored. Learner's make connections when comprehending; between the information in the text, and what they already know.

    2. How can knowledge of text structures be used to improve reading comprehension?

    The benefits of text structure for reading comprehension have strong empirical support (Kess & Biggams, 2004). Some are more easily learned and understood before other complex structures. ...

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    The theoretical basis and instructional techniques for reading comprehensions are examined.