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    Issue with the Education System in America

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    If you could change anything about the education system in America today, what would you change?

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    This is always an interesting topic, and one which you are likely to have various opinions amongst your classmates and your professor. Speaking of your professor, it sounds as if you need to focus on a five-paragraphs essay, in addition to addressing the specific topic. With that in mind, let me give you some suggestions by paragraph:


    This is where you want to introduce the topic of educational reform. You can mention the following in your introduction:
    - With America's decreased standing in the world in terms of education, there is an obvious need for educational reform. Mention how America used to be #1 in Mathematics and Science, yet now struggles to stay in the top 20.
    - The quality of teachers in our public schools is a constant battle due to increased competition from the private workforce. Working professionals in math and science often earn triple to quadruple the salary of a public school teacher.
    - Increased government bureaucracy has often turned a once enjoyable and noble profession into one which is wrought with administrative paperwork and meetings, thereby limiting actual instructional time.

    Those are three possible topics you can discuss in your five paragraph essay. I always suggest five sentences in your introduction. Talk about the need to change the ...

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